Top 7 Most Energetic Cat Breeds

Abyssinians are agile, mischievous and require lots of playtime. They love climbing, perching in high places and playing fetch.


Bengals are extremely active and love playing in water, climbing and learning tricks. They need constant stimulation.


Savannahs are tireless jumpers blessed with canine-like energy. They demand active owners providing vigorous exercise.


Siamese are vocal, demanding and stay kitten-like their whole lives. They thrive when kept occupied with interactive play.


Manx are playful, lively and love running around. Keeping them mentally and physically engaged prevents boredom. 


Orientals are highly athletic and acrobatic. They need cat trees, puzzle toys and playtime to stay stimulated.

Oriental Shorthair

Turkish Angoras are intelligent, agile and love playing fetch. They excel in agility training and learning tricks.

Turkish Angora

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