7 Low-Maintenance Dog Breeds

Greyhounds are couch potatoes indoors and require just a short daily walk. Their short, easy-care coat needs minimal grooming.  


Whippets need little exercise beyond daily walks and yard playtime. They have an easy-care, short-haired coat with little doggy odor.


Chihuahuas are tiny, low-energy dogs perfect for apartments. They need minimal grooming and are happy with short walks or play sessions.


Pugs have low exercise requirements and are content lounging around. Their grooming needs are minimal.


Cavaliers don't require much exercise beyond daily walks. Their silky coat needs weekly brushing but professional grooming isn't necessary.

Cavalier King Charles

French bulldogs are couch potatoes that don't need much exercise. Their short, fine coat requires little maintenance.

French Bulldog

Shibas are neat, clean dogs with no doggy odor. They need moderate exercise and occasional brushing.

Shiba Inu  

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