7 Cat Breeds with Orange Coats

The classic Tabby cat sports distinctive "M" markings on its forehead in orange. These playful, easygoing cats make wonderful pets.

Orange Tabby

Known for their large size, Maine Coon cats can have glossy medium orange coats and sweet, loyal personalities. 

Maine Coon

The long-haired Persian breed features a range of coat colors including light orange. They make loving yet low-maintenance companions.


Active Abyssinians have a reddish-orange coat with darker ticking. Their curious, social nature keeps owners entertained.


Tailless Manx cats come in many colors and patterns including orange. They're intelligent, fun-loving pets.


Medium-length fur in rich orange hues with stripes distinguish this outgoing, playful breed.


Elegant Turkish Angoras boast luxurious medium-long fur that can be orange. They adore being pampered.

Turkish Angora

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