A Guide to Fostering Dogs and What's Involved

Fostering involves providing shelter, food, training for 1-8 weeks until a permanent home is found, unlike adoption.

Short Term Care

Work with rescues to foster dogs, not shelters. Rescues provide supplies, pay medical bills and match dogs with adopters.  

Rescue Support

Foster dogs need a comfy, safe home environment with space for a crate, exercise and housetraining.

Home Environment

Foster parents work on manners, commands and socialization through positive reinforcement training.

Training & Socialization 

Take foster dogs to needed vet visits for vaccines, spay/neuter, exams. Rescue provides medical care.

Vet Appointments

Coordinate meet and greets with potential adopters. Send dog with supplies and records when adopted.

Meet & Greets

Fostering requires intense effort for a short period before the dog moves to a forever home.

Short Term Commitment

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