Why Puppies Cry and How to Help

Puppies removed too early miss their mom and siblings. Use cuddly toys, blanket with littermates’ scent to comfort.

 Missing Littermates

Puppies left alone get anxious and cry. Slowly build alone time to help them become independent. 


Hunger, needing the bathroom, thirst causes crying. Keep puppy on a consistent schedule of care.

Needs Unmet

 Like babies, overtired puppies get fussy. Enforce naptime in crate to prevent overtiredness. 


Puppies cry when learning rules. Be patient. Reward quiet moments with treats and praise.

House Rules

Sick puppies feel miserable and vocalize. Seek vet care for lethargy, diarrhea, vomiting, crying.  


New sights and sounds frighten puppies. Comfort and gently expose puppy to build confidence.


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