Why Is Your Dog So Needy and Clingy?

Dogs with separation anxiety become distressed when left alone. They cling to their owners to relieve anxiety. Create positive associations with being alone.

 Separation Anxiety  

 Untrained dogs don't have confidence in themselves. They cling to owners for security. Use positive reinforcement training to build confidence.  

Lack of Training   

Dogs left alone get bored and clingy. Provide interactive toys, chews, and activities when you’re away.


Changes to your dog's routine can trigger clingy behavior. Stick to regular schedules for meals, walks, play to provide stability.

Changes in Routine  

Adolescent fear periods can make dogs more clingy. Be patient and use desensitization to build confidence. 

 Fear Periods

Dogs with illness or pain may cling to owners for comfort. Check with your vet to rule out medical causes.

Health Issues

Poorly socialized dogs don't cope well alone. Socialize your dog young using treats, toys, praise.  

Lack of Socialization   

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