Why Dogs Tilt Their Heads

Dogs can independently move their ears to better locate sounds and focus their hearing. The head tilt helps them use their mobile ears to hear better.

Dogs Have Mobile Ears

Tilting their heads gives dogs a new visual perspective on us. It may help them see our faces and interpret facial cues and body language.

Seeing Us

Dogs don't understand our words, but can read body language. The head tilt helps them pick up on visual cues to understand what we want.

Trying to Understand 

Dogs can hear higher frequencies than humans. Tilting their heads may help them better pick up the high-pitched sounds in our voices.

Hearing High-Frequency

Dogs have an excellent sense of smell. Angling their nose by tilting their heads may help them better catch our scent.

Capturing Scent Better

The head tilt is a sign of attention and interest. Dogs tilt their heads when intrigued by something to show they are engaged.

Showing Interest

Some dog breeds like Beagles are more likely to tilt their heads because of their floppy ears and superior hearing abilities.

Breed Differences

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