Why Dogs Bring You Toys and What It Means

Dogs bring toys to trusted humans as a sign of affection. It shows they view you as part of their pack.

Showing Affection  

Bringing a toy is a signal for playtime. Try engaging in a quick game of tug or fetch when your dog presents a toy.

Initiating Play

Some dogs bring toys after destroying them to show pride in their "kill". Praise them but avoid rough play.

Proud of "Kill"

Anxious dogs may bring a soothing toy for comfort. Offer reassurance if your dog seems distressed.

Sign of Anxiety

When your dog brings a toy, offer praise and affection. Play if they seem eager. But set limits if needed.  

What To Do

Reward toy-bringing with treats and play. This reinforces it as a bonding behavior.

Positive Reinforcement 

If your dog brings toys too often, limit play times. Redirect them gently to decrease the behavior.

Set Preferences

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