Why Does My Cat Roll Around

Cats roll on surfaces to mark it with scent glands. It signals "this space is mine!"

Marking Territory

Rolling can scratch hard-to-reach itches. Check for fleas, dry skin or other skin irritations.

Scratching Itch 

Cats roll at your feet to show affection and trust. Reward with pets to build your bond!

Showing Affection

Rolling happily on a cozy blanket or sunshine shows your cat is content. A good sign!

Joy and Comfort

Some cats act out with dramatic rolling for your attention. Redirect to playtime instead.


Consult a vet if rolling seems excessive and is accompanied by vomiting, appetite changes or other symptoms.

Illness or Injury

Kittens tend to roll frequently while play-fighting and exploring their environment. Perfectly normal!

Kitten Play

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