What's the Cost of Dog Euthanasia

Vet euthanasia costs $100-$300. At-home euthanasia is $200-$400. Convenience and familiarity often justify the extra at-home cost.

At-Home Euthanasia 

Injection is cheapest at $50-$150. IV sedation then injection costs more at $100-$300 but is more peaceful.

Euthanasia Method

Private cremation is $100-$250. Group cremation is cheaper at $50-$150 but dogs are cremated together. 

Cremation Fees

Clay paw print castings cost $25-$50 typically. Ink paw prints are cheaper at $10-$20 but less durable.

Paw Print Castings

Basic plastic urns start at $20. More ornate wooden, ceramic, or metal urns can cost $150+. Personalization adds cost.

Urns for Ashes

Things like clippings of fur, nose prints, and memorial items can add $25-$50+ to costs.

Care Options

Euthanasia and cremation costs are higher in major metro areas like NYC, LA, and Chicago.

Location Impacts Price

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