What's Behind Your Dog's Yawns

Yawning is very common in dogs. They yawn to self-calm, when tired, stressed, or just because they’re mimicking you!

It's Normal

Dogs can "catch" yawns from humans and other dogs. This contagious yawning suggests deep social bonds.

Contagious Yawning 

Frequent yawning when not tired may be a calming signal to diffuse stress and avoid confrontation.  

Calming Signal

Excessive yawning can indicate anxiety. Other signs like pacing and panting may also be present.

Sign of Anxiety 

Dogs may yawn repeatedly out of boredom or when understimulated. Provide more exercise and mental enrichment.

Boredom Relief

Dogs yawn to cool down, so frequent yawning could mean your dog is too hot. Ensure access to water and shade.


If excessive yawning persists along with changes in appetite or energy, see your vet to rule out health issues.

Medical Reasons

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