What It Means When Your Dog Licks Their Lips

Frequent lip licking can be a self-calming behavior in anxious or stressed dogs. Look for other signs like yawning or shaking.


Dogs may lick their lips when feeling nauseous or with gastrointestinal discomfort. Vet visit may be needed.


Lip licking can signal thirst. Ensure fresh water is always available. Increased thirst may indicate illness.


Mealtime lip licking is normal but excessive lip licking between meals may indicate your dog is hungry.


Some dogs lick their lips to appease and show submission. This is common during interactions with dominant dogs.


If excessive, vet visit is needed to rule out nausea, oral pain/injury, neurological issue, or other health problem.

Medical Issue

Occasional lip licking by itself is normal dog behavior. Look for any other body language cues.

Normal Behavior

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