Understanding Glaucoma in Cats

Glaucoma is a painful eye condition that can lead to vision loss in cats. It's essential to understand the basics of this disease.


Common symptoms include squinting, redness, cloudy cornea, and dilated pupil. If you notice these signs, consult your veterinarian


Glaucoma can be primary (hereditary) or secondary due to other eye diseases. Identifying the cause is crucial for treatment.


Your vet will perform an eye exam, measure intraocular pressure, and may recommend additional tests like ultrasound.


Treatment aims to reduce eye pressure and manage pain. Options include medications, surgery, and laser therapy


The prognosis depends on early diagnosis and treatment. If left untreated, glaucoma can result in permanent vision loss.


Regular veterinary check-ups can help catch glaucoma early. Proper eye care and addressing other eye conditions promptly can prevent secondary glaucoma.


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