Training Tips for Fixing Dog Behavior Problems 

Training "quiet" by rewarding silence teaches dogs to stop barking on cue. Praise and treats when they stop.


Redirect chewing to appropriate items. Provide plenty of chew toys and praise when they chew those instead.


Ignore jumping and reward all 4 paws on the floor. With consistency, dogs learn calm greetings are rewarded.


Digging can signal boredom and excess energy. Ensure sufficient walks, play time, and chew toys to curb the digging instinct.


Anxious dogs need a comfortable spot to retreat to. Set up a crate or bed in a quiet area and allow access when anxious. 


Use positive reinforcement training to curb aggressive responses. Build trust through rewards and boost confidence with obedience cues.


When they pull, stop walking until the leash loosens. Reward by your side. With consistency, they learn to walk nicely.  

Pulling on leash

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