Top Sleep Disorders to Watch for in Dogs

Anxious or restless behavior at night, trouble settling and waking frequently can indicate insomnia in dogs. Stress, pain and age can contribute.


Narcoleptic dogs suddenly lose muscle tone and fall asleep frequently. Get vet advice to confirm this neurological disorder. 


Loud snoring, choking and panting episodes during sleep may signal sleep apnea in dogs. Weight loss and surgery can help severe cases.

Sleep Apnea

Aggressive barking, whimpering or running during REM sleep indicates a REM disorder. Medications may be prescribed.

REM Disorder

Seizures often occur when a dog is settling down to sleep or waking up. See a vet to diagnose and develop a treatment plan.


Frequent digging, kicking and stretching of legs before settling at night might indicate restless legs syndrome in dogs.

Restless Legs

Any major changes in your dog's sleep patterns warrant a veterinary exam to determine if an underlying health issue is present. 

Evaluate Changes  

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