Top Dog Breeds Used in Police Work

With renowned intelligence, trainability, and eagerness to work, German Shepherds make excellent police dogs

German Shepherd

The energetic Belgian Malinois has high drive to work, great scenting skills, and athleticism ideal for police work.

Belgian Malinois

Boxers have assisted police and military with their loyal nature, trainability, strength, and protective instinct.


Friendly, eager Labs excel at detection work for law enforcement by sniffing out drugs, bombs and more.

Labrador Retriever

Bold and athletic Dutch Shepherds are highly capable police and military dogs known for search/rescue ability.

Dutch Shepherd 

With strength, speed, endurance, and an intimidating presence, Dobermans work as police dogs worldwide.  

Doberman Pinscher

Rottweilers have the power, intelligence, and confidence police value in protection and apprehension.


Most Protective and Guard Dog Breeds