Top Dog Breeds to Bring to a Dog-Friendly Office 

The Cavalier is friendly, gentle and thrives around people. This makes them one of the best office dogs.

Cavalier King Charles

Poodles are smart, adaptable dogs that can relax or play during office breaks. They make ideal workmates.


The Havanese is an affectionate companion that enjoys being around people. They make cheerful office dogs.  


Greyhounds are mellow, quiet, and enjoy napping. They are low-maintenance office dogs.


The easygoing Bulldog loves attention and getting treats from coworkers. They thrive in work environments.


Bichon Frises are petite, hypoallergenic dogs that love to be around people. They excel as therapy dogs.

Bichon Frise

The charming French Bulldog craves human interaction and brings smiles to the office. They make great work buds.

French Bulldog

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