Top Dog Breeds That Love Water

Labrador Retrievers have water-resistant coats and webbed toes making them excellent at retrieving ducks and loving the water.

Labrador Retriever

Poodles are ace swimmers and water retrievers thanks to their athletic build, webbed feet, and non-shedding coats.

Standard Poodle 

Bred to herd fish and retrieve nets, the Portuguese Water Dog is a tireless swimmer and lover of all water activities.

Portuguese Water Dog

Often called "Toller," this breed excels at luring ducks when hunting thanks to their water loving nature.

Tolling Retriever

Massive Newfoundlands have webbed feet and thick, waterproof coats allowing them to rescue drowning people.


With webbed toes and a waterproof coat, the Irish Water Spaniel lives up to its name as an eager swimmer and water dog.

Irish Water Spaniel

An excellent retriever and swimmer, the American Water Spaniel has a waterproof coat and webbed feet ideal for waterfowling.  

 American Water Spaniel 

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