Top Dog Breeds for Rural Living

The Australian Cattle Dog thrives when it has a job to do. This energetic breed excels at herding livestock on rural farms.

Australian Cattle Dog

Another top herding dog, Border Collies are highly intelligent and need space to run and work. Great for country homes.

Border Collie

America's favorite dog breed, Labs love swimming, retrieving, and being outdoors. They make great companions in rural areas.

Labrador Retriever 

Clever and energetic, Australian Shepherds need room to roam and a job to do. Ideal for farm life.

Australian Shepherd

Beagles have excellent noses and instincts for tracking and hunting. They thrive when outdoors exploring country spaces. 


This versatile sporting breed excels at hunting, swimming, and field work. Vizslas need ample exercise.


Feisty and energetic, Jack Russell Terriers love country living where they can run, dig, and hunt.

Jack Russell Terrier

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