Top Dog Breeds for Home and Property Protection 

Dobermans are extremely loyal and use their intelligence, speed, and power to stop threats against their family and home.

Doberman Pinscher

German Shepherds make ideal guard dogs with their confidence, courage, trainability, and strength to intimidate intruders.

German Shepherd  

The Malinois has strong protective instincts, using its energetic athleticism and intelligence to deter wrongdoers.

Belgian Malinois

Rottweilers have the brawn and ferocity to back up their loud, deep barks when confronted with trespassers. 


Massive yet nimble Bullmastiffs use their intimidating size and booming bark to defend property and owners from harm.


A muscular, imposing breed from Italy, the Cane Corso makes an alert, formidable home protector and guard dog.

Cane Corso

Giant Schnauzers are naturally suspicious of strangers, making them devoted guardians of home and family.

Giant Schnauzer

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