Top Cat Breeds Most Likely to Have Blue Eyes

Iconic for their pointed patterns and sky-blue eyes, Siamese cats are vocal, outgoing, and very affectionate.  


Gentle, laidback Ragdolls typically have bright blue eyes as kittens which darken as they mature.


The Russian Blue has a short silvery coat and vivid green or blue eyes that shine brightly.

Russian Blue

A cross between Siamese and Burmese cats, Tonkinese often have aqua blue eyes and playful personalities.


Savannahs have deep blue eyes inherited from their wild African Serval ancestors.  

Savannah Cat

Nebelungs have dense silver-blue coats and stunning, chartreuse or yellow-green eyes.


Friendly Scottish Folds are known for their folded ears and large, round baby blue eyes.

Scottish Fold 

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