Top 7 Tips For Mastering Puppy Jumping

It's often a sign of excitement or seeking attention. Knowing the root cause is the first step in addressing and correcting this behavior.


Consistency is key in stopping puppy jumping. Enforce the same rules with all family members. Mixed signals can confuse your puppy, hindering the training process.


Use positive reinforcement to reward desirable behavior. When your puppy greets you without jumping, offer treats, praise, or affection.

Positive Reinforcement

Ignore jumping by turning away and avoiding eye contact. Redirect their attention to a command, like sitting.

Ignore and Redirect

Incorporate training exercises that discourage jumping. Teach commands like "sit" and "stay." Reinforce these commands during greetings to replace jumping with polite behavior.

Training Exercises

Use a leash or tether during greetings to control your puppy's movements. This helps in preventing jumping and allows you to guide them into a more appropriate behavior.

Leashes and Tethers

If jumping persists, consider professional training. A professional trainer can assess the specific issues and provide tailored solutions for effective and long-term results.

Professional Training

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