Top 7 Stunning Black & White Cat Breeds

Turkish Vans have a distinctive black and white coat. They love swimming and are very energetic and playful.

Turkish Van

The Tuxedo cat has black fur with white paws, chest and belly. They are affectionate, social and highly intelligent.


Holsteins have large black and white patches. They are playful, enjoy heights and are very vocal.


American Shorthairs come in classic black and white "tuxedo" patterns. They have an adaptable and family-friendly nature.

American Shorthair

Japanese Bobtails often have bi-colored coats with black and white fur. They are active, affectionate and love playing fetch.


The Manx breed includes black and white cats with partial or full tails. They have a playful, outgoing personality.


Munchkin cats come in cute black and white patterns. They have a laidback, loving personality.


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