Top 7 Most Popular Grey Cat Breeds

The Russian Blue has a distinctive short dense gray coat and vivid green eyes. It is extremely affectionate and playful.

Russian Blue

The Nebelung is covered in a shimmering blue-gray medium length coat. They have an amusing personality.


Korats are known for their unique blue-grey short coat and green eyes. They form strong bonds with their families.


British Shorthairs come in a "blue" gray color. They have a calm, easygoing personality.

British Shorthair

The Chartreux has a water-resistant dense gray double coat. They are intelligent and observant cats.


Norwegian Forest Cats can have gray and silver coats. They are affectionate, loyal and get along well with dogs.

Norwegian Forest Cat

The American Shorthair comes in silver and blue-gray colors. They have an adaptable, gentle nature.

American Shorthair

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