Top 7 Facts About LaPerm Cat

LaPerm cats are a relatively new breed, first discovered in 1982. They are known for their curly fur, which can be short or long.

A Unique Breed

The LaPerm breed originated on a cherry farm in Oregon. A barn cat named Curly gave birth to a litter of kittens with curly fur.

LaPerm Cat History

LaPerm cats are medium-sized cats with a muscular build. They have a wedge-shaped head with large, expressive eyes.

LaPerm Cat Appearance

LaPerm cats are known for being affectionate and playful cats. They enjoy spending time with their families and are good with children and other pets.

LaPerm Cat Personality

LaPerm cats are generally healthy cats, but it is important to choose a reputable breeder to minimize health risks. 

LaPerm Cat Health

LaPerm cats require regular grooming to keep their coats healthy and free of mats. They also need a balanced diet and plenty of exercise.

LaPerm Cat Care

If you are interested in getting a LaPerm cat, you should contact a reputable breeder. LaPerm cats can also be found at some animal shelters and rescue organizations.

Where to Find a LaPerm

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