Top 7 Fact Of Mexican Dog Breed

The Xoloitzcuintli, or Xolo, is one of the top Mexican dog breeds. It's known for its ancient lineage and hairless appearance.


Chihuahuas, the smallest dog breed, originated in Mexico. They are affectionate and make great companions.


Perro Callejero refers to street dogs in Mexico. They are resourceful and resilient, often becoming loving pets.

Perro Callejero

The Mexican Hairless Dog, also called the Techichi, has a long history in Mexico and is cherished for its loyalty.

Mexican Hairless Dog

While not originally from Mexico, the Cimarrón Uruguayo has become a part of Mexican culture due to their use in herding and hunting.

Cimarrón Uruguayo

The Alano Español, a robust breed, is part of Mexican heritage, known for its strength and agility.

Alano Español

The Chinese Crested Dog, though originally from China, has found a place in Mexican homes for their unique appearance and loving nature.

Chinese Crested Dog

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