Top 7 Drooling Dog Breeds

Mastiffs are gentle giants, but their drooling can be substantial. Their affectionate nature and protective instincts make them great for families


Saint Bernards are known for their rescuing abilities in the mountains. While they're friendly and loyal, their drooling can be quite noticeable

Saint Bernard

Basset Hounds have long ears and a droopy face, which can lead to excessive drooling. However, their sweet temperament makes them endearing pets.

Basset Hound

Bloodhounds are excellent scent trackers, but they also come with slobber. Their loving and determined nature compensates for the mess


Bulldogs have a distinctive wrinkled face and a penchant for drooling. They are known for their loyalty and adapt well to various living situations


Newfoundlands are massive and lovable. They are often called 'gentle giants,' but their drooling is something to be aware of if you're considering this breed


While these breeds may slobber, they bring immense joy to their owners. Learn how to manage their drool and enjoy their companionship to the fullest

Managing the Drool

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