Top 7 Dog Breeds From Norway

The Norwegian Elkhound is a sturdy, gray-coated breed known for its loyalty and hunting skills. They make great companions for active families.

Norwegian Elkhound

The Norwegian Buhund is a cheerful and friendly breed with a spitz-like appearance. They are excellent herding dogs and family pets.

 Norwegian Buhund

The Lundehund is a rare and unique breed known for its extra toes and ability to hunt puffins. They are loyal and curious dogs.


The Norwegian Forest Cat, although not a dog, is a beautiful and longhaired breed from Norway. They are known for their majestic appearance.

Norwegian Forest dog

The Norwegian Sheepdog is an intelligent and agile breed used for herding sheep. They are dedicated working dogs and affectionate companions.

Norwegian Sheepdog

The Halden Hound is a sleek and energetic breed used for hunting. They are known for their determination and friendly nature.

 Halden Hound

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