Top 7 Dog Breeds From Norway

Elkhounds are robust hunting companions with a loyal temperament. Originating from Norway, they make ideal family pets.


Buhunds are energetic herding dogs known for their agility and intelligence. Discover more about these Norwegian breeds.


Lundehunds are unique with their extra toes and ability to hunt puffins. Learn about their fascinating history and traits.


Hallingdal Hounds are known for their strong scenting abilities and make great hunting partners. Dive into their Norwegian heritage.

Hallingdal Hound

The Norwegian Buhund is a beloved breed known for its friendly nature and versatility. Explore their role in Norwegian culture.

Norwegian Buhund

Halden Hounds are excellent hunting dogs with a friendly disposition. Discover why they are cherished in Norway.

Halden Hound

These remarkable Norwegian dog breeds and their unique qualities that make them top choices for dog lovers.

Norwegian Dogs

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