Top 7 Cat Scruffing Facts

Scruffing is a method of gently holding a cat by the loose skin on the back of their neck, often used to immobilize or move them safely.


Mother cats naturally use scruffing to carry kittens, and they do it without causing any harm, ensuring their safety.

Mother Cats

Properly done, scruffing can induce a state of calmness in cats, making it useful for medical procedures or grooming.


It's essential to note that scruffing should not be used for discipline, as it can be stressful and should only be done when necessary.

Not for Discipline

When handling kittens, using the scruffing technique allows you to move them gently without causing harm.

Handling Kittens

 Scruffing is not suitable for all situations, and it should be done with care to ensure the cat's comfort and safety.


 If you are unsure about scruffing or its application, it's best to consult your veterinarian for guidance.

Consult a Vet

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