Top 7 Cat Breeds Perfect For Senior Citizens

Known for their relaxed personality, Ragdolls enjoy lounging around and being held. They make ideal gentle companions for seniors.


Persians have a sweet, docile temperament and thrive on being petted. Their laidback nature suits a quieter household.


Despite their large size, Maine Coons are gentle, loyal cats that enjoy lounging and cuddling with their owners.

Maine Coon

British Shorthairs have an easygoing personality and are happy lounging around. They make calm lap cats.

British Shorthair

Though playful, Russian Blues are quiet cats that are happy snoozing beside their owners and sitting in laps.

Russian Blue

The mellow Exotic Shorthair enjoys being a couch potato. They make affectionate and relaxing companions.

Exotic Shorthair

While vocal, older Siamese cats tend to be more sedate and make loving devoted companions.


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