Top 7 Boredom Busters for Dogs and Cats

Engage your pets' minds with interactive puzzles. These toys challenge and reward, providing mental stimulation for both dogs and cats. It's a staff favorite for combating boredom.


Staff recommends these toys as they provide a tasty challenge, encouraging playfulness and alleviating boredom in a delightful way.

Treat Dispensers

Staff agrees that these toys induce playful behavior, keeping cats entertained for hours while satisfying their natural instincts.

Catnip Delights

Whether it's a feather wand for cats or a tug-of-war rope for dogs, these toys strengthen the bond between pets and their owners, promoting physical 

Interactive Play

Get creative with DIY toys. Staff suggests simple homemade toys like cardboard puzzle feeders for cats or knotted fabric toys for dogs.


For cats, a window perch is a top pick. Staff recommends these cozy spots where cats can observe the outside world.

Window Perches

Keep things exciting with a rotation of toys. Staff emphasizes the importance of introducing new toys and retiring old ones periodically. 

Rotation of Toys

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