Top 7 Best Italian Dog Breeds

 Greyhounds are known for their elegant appearance and incredible speed. They are gentle and make wonderful pets.


Neapolitan Mastiffs have impressive wrinkles and a protective nature. They are loyal and ideal for guarding.

Neapolitan Mastiff

Spinone Italianos are versatile hunters and make friendly and devoted family companions. They have distinctive wiry coats.

Spinone Italiano

Italian Greyhounds are small and elegant dogs known for their agility and affectionate nature. They are perfect for smaller living spaces.

Italian Greyhound

Lagotto Romagnolos are truffle hunters with a playful and loving personality. They make excellent family pets.

 Lagotto Romagnolo

Bracco Italianos are skilled hunters and have a calm temperament. They are loyal and thrive on human companionship

Bracco Italiano

Bergamasco Shepherds have unique corded coats and are known for their protective and affectionate nature. They are excellent guard dogs.

Bergamasco Shepherd

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