Top 7 Amazing Facts About Australian Terrier

The Australian Terrier originated in Australia in the 1800s as a ratting and hunting dog. They were bred to be hardy, courageous small terriers.


This small terrier has a medium-length, dense wiry coat that comes in blue, sandy or red. They have a compact, muscular body and v-shaped erect ears.  


Australian Terriers are alert, smart and loyal. They bond closely with their families and make excellent watchdogs.


Australian Terriers are active indoor dogs that need daily exercise and playtime. They are adaptable but do best with an active family.


Training should start early and use positive reinforcement techniques. Australian Terriers are intelligent but can be stubborn. Consistency is key.


This breed has good health generally living 12-15 years. Some potential issues include allergies, patellar luxation and Legg-Calve Perthes disease.


Australian Terriers require regular brushing and combing of their wiry double coat. Trimming and stripping of the coat every few months is also recommended.


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