Tips for Traveling With Your Dog

Use a secured crate or dog seatbelt when driving with your dog to keep them safe.

Restrain Safely

Have up-to-date tags, vet records, and paperwork with you for travel across cities or states.

Prepare Paperwork

Keep water and collapsible bowls on hand for your dog when traveling. Hydration is vital.

Prevent Dehydration

Bring food, medications, clean-up bags, grooming tools, chews, and other dog necessities.

Pack Dog Supplies  

Plan pet-friendly rest stops along your route to walk, feed, and relieve your dog.

Scout Pet-Friendly

Use calming aids like treats, pheromones, or training to ease dog travel anxiety.

Soothe Anxiety

Review airline pet travel rules and reserve cargo or in-cabin spots for flying.

Check Airline Policies

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