Tips for Protecting Your Dog's Paws in Winter 

Apply a dog paw balm or wax before walks to protect against salt and ice. Look for natural oils like shea butter.


Gently rub moisturizer into paw pads and in between toes where snow can clump.


Wipe down paws with a towel after each winter walk to remove ice, salt and chemicals.

Wipe Paws

Be sure to thoroughly dry paws to prevent cracked skin and irritation.

Dry Paws 

Look for signs of cuts, burns or damage between toes and on pads. Seek veterinary care if needed.

Check Foot Health

Protect paws with dog boots on extra cold days. Introduce them slowly to get your dog comfortable.

Use Dog Boots

Keep fur around paws trimmed to prevent snow clumping between toes. Don't cut too short.

Trim Fur  

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