Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe in the Mountains

Invest in gear like dog boots, jackets, backpacks, and collapsible bowls. Carry first aid supplies.

Gear Up  

Respect hiker yield etiquette. Keep your dog leashed and under control. Carry waste bags.

Mind the Trail

Bring plenty of water for your dog. Know the symptoms of dehydration and overheating. Offer water regularly.


Use a dog life jacket near streams, rivers, and lakes. Choose calm areas for swimming.

Water Safety

Be alert for bears, mountain lions, moose and other wildlife. Make noise and keep your distance.


Check paws frequently for cuts, scrapes or burnt pads. Carry a dog first aid kit.

Protect Paws   

Watch for rattlesnakes near rocky areas. Know what to do if your dog is bitten.

Snake Safety

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