Tips for Caring for Your Senior Dog

Take your senior dog to the vet twice a year to catch problems early. Annual bloodwork helps monitor health.

Regular Vet Visits

Glucosamine and chondroitin supplements can ease joint pain and improve mobility in arthritic dogs.

Joint Supplements 

Orthopedic dog beds, ramps, and carpeted steps make it easier for stiff, elderly dogs to rest comfortably.

Soft Beddin

Gentle pet massage stimulates circulation and relaxes muscles to help senior dogs feel better.


Keep your old dog's mind active with food puzzles, new toys, and short training sessions to prevent cognitive decline.

Mental Stimulation

Let your senior dog set the pace on walks and avoid too much jumping or stairs to prevent injury.

Adjust Exercise

Add broth, gravy, or water to your senior dog's food to make eating easier if they have few teeth.

Add Moistur

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