The Exercise Needs of House Cats

Have at least 2 daily play sessions with wand toys or lasers to stimulate your cat's natural hunting instincts.

Interactive Play 

Provide solo play options like treat puzzles, movable toys, and scratching posts when you're away.

Solo Play

Multi-level cat trees and perches provide climbing, scratching, and sleeping spots up high.

Cat Trees   

Rotate toys to combat boredom. Hide treats in paper bags or boxes for surprise enrichment.

Changing Toys

Notice behaviors like inappropriate scratching, aggression, vocalizing, or escaping that may indicate boredom.

Signs of Boredom 

Kittens benefit from additional playtime, socialization, and training during their crucial developmental stage.

Kittens Need More

Allow safe outdoor access like a catio or harness walking to supplement indoor activity.

Outdoor Access

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