Taming Puppy Biting

Understand that biting is a natural behavior for puppies. It's a part of their exploration and teething process. Knowing this helps in addressing the behavior with patience and empathy.


Provide appropriate teething toys. This not only soothes their gums but also redirects their biting instinct to acceptable items. Regularly rotate toys to keep your puppy engaged.

Teething Tips

Use positive reinforcement to discourage biting. Reward your puppy for gentle play and provide treats when they refrain from biting.

Positive Reinforcement

This helps them learn what is acceptable to bite and provides an outlet for their natural chewing instinct.

Redirecting Attention

Consistency is crucial. Enforce consistent rules regarding biting across all family members. Mixed signals can confuse your puppy, hindering the training process.

Consistent Training

If biting persists, use the time-out technique. Withdraw attention and leave the room briefly when your puppy bites. This teaches them that biting leads to a loss of playtime.

Time-Out Technique

A professional trainer can provide personalized advice and strategies to address specific challenges, ensuring a well-mannered and happy pup.

Professional Guidance

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