Stop puppy biting in easy steps

Puppy biting is a natural behavior that helps puppies learn about the world around them and explore their environment. Puppies also bite when they are teething, playing, or excited.

Puppy biting

Puppy biting can be a problem for several reasons. First, it can be painful for the person or object being bitten. Second, it can teach puppies that biting is an acceptable way to interact with the world around them.


Redirect your puppy's attention to a chew toy. When your puppy bites you, offer them a chew toy instead. This will teach them that chewing on toys is an acceptable way to relieve their need to bite.


 It is important to be consistent with your response to puppy biting. If you only sometimes redirect your puppy's attention or walk away, they will learn that biting is sometimes okay.

Be consistent

If you are struggling to stop puppy biting on your own, or if your puppy's biting is severe, seek professional help from a certified dog trainer or behaviorist.


Provide your puppy with plenty of opportunities to exercise and chew. This will help to tire them out and reduce their need to bite. Be patient and understanding.


Puppy biting is a normal behavior, but it is important to stop it early on. By following the 5 easy steps above, you can help your puppy learn that biting is not an acceptable way to interact with the world around them.


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