Stop Dog Begging

Consistency is key in training your puppy. A uniform approach is essential for success in curbing begging behavior.

Consistency in Training

Train your puppy to have good table manners. Teach them to stay away from the dining area during meals.

Teaching Table Manners

Utilize reward-based training to discourage begging. Reward your puppy for good behavior and for ignoring food.

Reward-Based Training

Establish specific mealtime rules for your puppy. Consistency during meals helps prevent begging.

Mealtime Rules

Teach your puppy that food from the table is not an option. Enforce this rule consistently to eliminate begging.

No Table Food

Provide engaging distractions for your puppy during mealtime. Toys and activities can keep their attention away from food.

Engaging Distractions

Be patient and persistent in training your puppy to stop begging. Consistent effort leads to a well-behaved and polite pup.

Patience and Persistence

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