Shelter Pet Adoption Myths Debunked

This is a common myth, but it is not true. Shelter pets are just as healthy as pets from other sources. In fact, shelter pets are often vaccinated and spayed or neutered before they are adopted.


Many shelter pets are trained, and some have even been trained in basic obedience commands. Shelter staff also work with many shelter pets to help them socialize and learn to behave in a home environment.


This is not true either. Shelter pets come in all shapes and sizes, including purebreds. In fact, some shelters even specialize in placing purebred dogs.


Most shelter pets are not aggressive. In fact, shelter pets are often more loving and grateful than pets from other sources because they have been through so much.


Adopting a shelter pet is actually very affordable. Most shelters charge a nominal adoption fee, which covers the cost of caring for the pet while it was at the shelter.


Shelter pets are wonderful companions, and adopting a shelter pet is a great way to give a deserving animal a loving home. Don't be afraid to debunk the myths and adopt a shelter pet today.


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