Proper Techniques for Petting Dogs

Always let a dog sniff your hand before petting so they can become familiar with your scent.

Let Them Sniff

Use gentle strokes rather than rough petting. Start under the chin rather than over the head.

Pet Gently

Don't pet near sensitive areas like their tail, ears, paws, or stomach. Focus on the chest, back, and sides of the face.

Avoid Sensitive Areas

Look for signs of stress like lip-licking, yawning, or backing away. Respect their boundaries.  

Watch Body Language  

Limit petting to short sessions of a few minutes so you don't overstimulate the dog. Give breaks in between.

Pet in Short Sessions

Remain calm and assertive when interacting. Dogs pick up on anxious, excitable energy.

Use Calm Energy

Always ask the owner before petting their dog and follow any instructions they provide.

Ask Owner First

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