Most Aggressive Cat Breeds

Originating from Asia, the Bengal cat is energetic and requires ample playtime. Their confident nature makes them prone to aggression.


Siamese cats are known for their loud voices and bossy attitudes. They can be moody and lash out when annoyed.


This breed's cute folded ears belie their feisty spirits. Scottish Folds can be stubborn and lash out when provoked.

Scottish Fold

Abyssinians are intensely curious and energetic. Without proper stimulation, their wild instincts emerge through aggression. 


Manx cats are bred to be hunters and have muscular builds. They are prone to aggression, especially toward other pets.


Clever and athletic Turkish Angoras need constant activity. If bored, their intelligence takes a destructive turn.

Turkish Angora

American Shorthairs are working cats bred to be mousers. Their strong prey drive can translate to aggression toward people.

American Shorthair

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