Modern Dog Furniture Stylish Enough for Any Home

Dogs love stylish comfort too. Choose from custom modern dog beds in materials like wood, leather, and steel in chic shapes and minimalist designs.

Modern Beds

Playpens and exercise pens featuring clean lines and sleek materials like bamboo and metal mesh give dogs a safe space for playtime

Playful Pens  

Elevated dog bowls and modern feeders in materials like acrylic, concrete, and stainless steel serve meals in style. 

Fashionable Feeding 

Hard-sided airline crates and soft, collapsible crates made with canvas and leather make chic enclosures for your dog at home.

Trendy Crates

Potty training is more pleasant with well-designed potties and fake grass trays in fun colors and prints. 

Pretty Potties

Your dog relax in sophistication with tufted loungers and ottomans that provide the perfect perch for your pampered pooch. 

Fun Furniture

Match your pet’s personality with accessories like fancy feed mats, ceramic food bowls, and handmade collars and leashes.

Accessorize in Style

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