Managing Dog Peeing 

Understand that dogs may pee when excited due to overstimulation. It's a common behavior, especially in puppies. Knowing the cause is the first step in finding a solution.


Implement basic obedience training to manage excitement. Teach commands like "sit" or "stay" to redirect your dog's focus and reduce the likelihood of pee accidents during excitement.


Your dog receives regular exercise to help manage excess energy. A well-exercised dog is less likely to become overly excited, decreasing the chances of involuntary peeing.

Regular Exercise

Encourage family and visitors to avoid overexciting your dog during greetings. Teach them to approach calmly to prevent triggering excitement-related accidents.

Calm Greetings

Take your dog out before anticipated exciting events. A pre-event bathroom break reduces the chances of accidents during moments of heightened excitement.

Routine Bathroom Breaks

Reward your dog for calm behavior, reinforcing the idea that remaining calm leads to positive outcomes. This helps create a positive association with controlled behavior.

Positive Reinforcement

If the issue persists, consult your vet. In some cases, excitement-induced peeing may be linked to medical conditions.

Veterinary Check

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