Is It Too Cold for My Dog to Go Outside

The general rule is that most dogs can be outside down to around 45°F safely. But pay attention to signs they are too cold.

How Cold Is Too

Shivering is a sign your dog is losing too much body heat. Bring them inside to warm up.

Watch for Shivering 

Put a coat or sweater on your dog before going out in very cold weather under 32°F.

Use a Dog Coat

Don't leave dogs out for long periods when it's freezing. Take shorter walks and potty breaks.

Limit Time Outside

Outdoors dogs need a dry, draft-free, insulated shelter to get out of the cold.

Warm Shelte

Look for signs of frostbite on paws after being out in the snow and ice.

Check Paw Pads

Temperatures below 20°F with wind chill are dangerous. Only take dogs out briefly.

When It's Too Cold

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