Introducing Kitten to Older Cat

Before introducing your kitten to an older cat, preparation is key. Create separate spaces and ensure each cat has their essentials for a smooth transition.


Slowly introduce the two cats through scent and visual barriers. Learn how this gradual approach reduces stress and encourages positive interactions.

Gradual Introduction

As the cats become familiar, supervise their initial meetings closely. Discover how to manage their interactions and when to step in to prevent conflicts.

Supervised Meetings

Encourage positive behavior with treats, toys, and praise. Understand how positive reinforcement can reinforce good behavior between your cats.

Positive Reinforcement

Provide a safe retreat for each cat to escape to when needed. Learn why these safe spaces are essential for reducing tension during the introduction.

Safe Retreat

Successful introductions take time and patience. Explore the importance of allowing your cats to adjust at their own pace.

Patience and Time

Continuously monitor your cats' interactions and progress. Recognize the signs of a successful introduction and when to make adjustments.

Monitoring and Progress

Excessive Cat Meowing