Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds For People With Allergies

With their thick coats, Siberians produce less Fel-D1 protein. This makes them a good option for allergy sufferers.


Considered hypoallergenic due to their light shedding, Balinese cats may be better tolerated by people with cat allergies.


The Cornish Rex has a short, thin coat that requires little grooming and doesn't hold much allergen-causing dander.

Cornish Rex

Hairless Sphynx cats lack the undercoat that traps dander. But their skin oils may still cause allergic reactions.


Devon Rex shed minimally, producing less dander. Their curly coats also trap fewer allergens.

Devon Rex

Orientals produce less Fel-D1 protein in their saliva and secrete less dander into the air.

Oriental Shorthair

Russian Blues shed minimally and their short coats release less dander into your home environment.  

Russian Blue

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